Our 5 Best and Worst April Fools’ Day Pranks on Social Media

Our 5 Best and Worst April Fools’ Day Pranks on Social Media

Newser — This April Fools’ Day, very few people are in the mood for being pranked—or for reading news stories more surreal than what is already happening. Companies like Google have called off their annual corporate jokes and in some countries, authorities have warned that anybody spreading misinformation about the outbreak could face fines or jail time, reports Reuters. At Google, long known for its April Fools’ spoofs, the company is going to “take the year off from that tradition out of respect for all those fighting the COVID pandemic,” according to an internal email seen by Business Insider. In the email, head of marketing Lorraine Twohill says “centralized” April Fools’ gags have already been axed and warns team leaders to pause any smaller jokes they might have planned. Read more coronavirus stories. New features on our site. Breaking News. The Google logo at the Google headquarters in Brussels. View 1 more image.

April Fools’ Day 2019: the best jokes and pranks in one place

It’s April Fools’ day and no one is safe from brand PR stunts. Where Microsoft has just initiated a blanket ban on 1 April humour , other companies have decided to uphold the tradition of capitalising on the event with some fake news of their own. In a memo to staff last week, Microsoft noted how April Fools’ pranks had a “limited positive impact”, pointing out that ill-judged jokes can even result in “unwanted news cycles”.

But while big tech might be cynical about filling journalists’ inboxes with fake news for a day, consumers aren’t as uptight.

Every year, Google tries to outdo itself for April Fools’ Day. use of taxi apps during peak dating hours, unusually small food delivery orders.

Published on 2 April by Maddie Fischer. It’s that time of year again! The biggest brands have yet again tried to pull our legs with their crazy marketing pranks for April Fools’ Day Below are our top picks – some of which, were admittedly a little gutted they aren’t real! McDonald’s certainly made an impact with the apparent launch of their ShakeSauce. It didn’t take long for the public to express their feelings towards the new and very controversial product. Most people were filled with disgust at the thought of dipping your fries in a delicious milkshake, but others were gutted when they realised the nature of the campaign.

Sorry to all the milkshake chip dippers out there!

‘Against the Law to Fake Having COVID-19’ on April 1

April 1 is a day for practical jokes in many countries around the world. Some April Fool’s jokes publicized in the media include:. There are several theories about the origin on the April Fool’s Day custom. One explanation focuses on the introduction of the Julian and the Gregorian calendar. From ancient times, people in some parts of Europe celebrated the New Year on or around the March Equinox.

However, the new calendar systems defined January 1 as the first day of the year.

Since , Google has pulled off cool features like hidden Pac-Man games in In some countries, including Thailand and India, making April Fools’ Day Always check for the most reliable and up-to-date information on the.

Some users are taking the tongue-in-cheek Tinder post seriously. Tinder’s April Fools’ Day joke has massively backfired, leading to a heated debate over what information should be shared on the online dating app. In a tongue-in-cheek blog post , Tinder announced that it was introducing a new “Height Verification Badge,” to encourage male users to be more honest about their height. Yes, your height matters as long as every other shallow aspect of physical attraction does,” the company wrote.

The charade must stop. This type of dishonestly doesn’t just hurt your matches – it hurts us, too. While the tone of the blog post is clearly insincere, Tinder caused considerable confusion by publishing it on 29 March, rather than April 1.

11 April Fools’ Day Jokes From Google

And it seems Google agrees. Since , Google has pulled off cool features like hidden Pac-Man games in Google Maps and pranks baked into YouTube and Google Calendar each year to commemorate the holiday. At a time full of so much uncertainty, fear, isolation, and grief, the last thing we need circulating the internet are coronavirus-related pranks that could cause confusion or further spread the already rampant misinformation floating around about COVID I know others have said it but I just want to make it clear that April Fools is canceled this year due to coronavirus concerns.

And if you do need some good, clean comic relief to brighten up your day today, instead consider mixing things up with a funny Zoom background in your next online class or team meeting.

April Fools Day – Here’s why This Morning and Google have opted The information in this story is accurate as of the publication date.

Google and T-Mobile say they’re canceling their pranks this year, but other companies carry on. One online education company jokes about a “Diploma of Quarantine Survival. A Google April Fools’ prank from last year teased a project to let people understand the thoughts of tulips. Every year on April 1, companies big and small flood the internet with elaborate pranks, absurd announcements and bogus blog posts.

Last year, Google teased a project to understand the thoughts of tulips through the company’s Assistant voice software. Lockheed Martin said it had developed a perfume that smells like outer space.

Google wisely cancels this year’s April Fools’ jokes

Here’s a roundup of the best, worst, funniest and most cringe-worthy pranks of April Fools’ Day Have you checked your “Discover Weekly” playlist today? It’s morphed into “Discocover Weekly,” a. Honestly, we should just thank Spotify for letting us know this Lizzo cover of “Stayin’ Alive” exists. Introducing the thing you never asked for, but definitely always wanted—Tinder Height Verification.

On April Fool’s Day, Google Play introduced a variety of interactive games on their app store as a handy solution for all lonely and bored pets at.

There’s nothing uncommon about enterprise firms making valuable acquisitions and this is no different. Google now owns If you are looking for a public place to take and make calls or browse their smartphone in peace, you can use the Mobile EditionE, described as a “portable fortress of solitude,” enables you to enjoy your smartphone without the real world interrupting. All you need to do is blow into the glass.

While VR Bangers launched a set of gift cards for pornography access this April Fool’s Day, considering the UK’s plans to introduce a porn block which may end up requiring users to pay for passes at newsagents, it may not be so much a joke but rather a prediction. Artificial intelligence has now found its way into the world of gardening. Google Tulip is the tech giant’s latest foray into language translation and will translate Tulipish into human languages so you know exactly what your plants need to thrive.

A rather terrible one is On the Beach’s Techini, a solar-powered item of swimwear which includes speakers, a wireless phone charger, a waterproof pocket, and a phone cooler. Who wouldn’t want one? Skoda’s ProjectaPal aims to come to the rescue of forgetful drivers by projecting reminders and other messages with high intensity LED beams. All you need to do is input what you are likely to forget later into your smartphone and your car will remind you.

Thumbs Up’s Drone Dog walker will take the daily dog’s walk off of your hands if you are too busy. If your pup gets a little nervous at the idea, just use the microphone and camera embedded into the drone to talk to your pet on the way.

Why Google skipped its April Fools’ day pranks this year

In the Julian Calendar, as in the Hindu calendar, the new year began with the spring equinox around April 1. It involved people dressing up in disguises and mocking fellow citizens and even magistrates and was said to be inspired by the Egyptian legend of Isis, Osiris and Seth. Newspapers, radio and TV stations and websites have participated in the April 1 tradition of reporting outrageous fictional claims that have fooled their audiences.

In , the BBC reported that Swiss farmers were experiencing a record spaghetti crop and showed footage of people harvesting noodles from trees. In , Sports Illustrated writer George Plimpton tricked many readers when he ran a made-up article about a rookie pitcher named Sidd Finch who could throw a fastball over miles per hour.

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Subscriber Account active since. It’s March 31, which means tomorrow, we’ll brace ourselves again for our yearly dose of Google April Fools pranks. Since , Google has published one or more gags each year, according to Wikipedia , except for two years — and More recently, Google has taken the tradition to another level; the company staged 17 gags last year and in Google’s “MentalPlex” search technology scanned your brainwave activity, browser history, current weather conditions, and mouse movement speed to figure out what Web site you were trying to get to.

Via Wikipedia. Google unveils the real way its pages are ranked : “the superior trainability of the domestic pigeon. Google says it gets its pigeons the old fashioned way — off the street — and insists that it’s not cruel to animals. Like Google’s famous employee perks — meals and snacks of all varieties — its pigeons get “delectable seeds and grains and feature the finest in European statuary for roosting.

Google Gulp helps your search engine experience by making you think faster. When will it come out of beta? Google’s answer lends some insight into how the company feels about its other products. Man, if you pressure us, you just drive us away. We’ll commit when we’re ready, okay?

April Fools’ Day roundup: The best and worst tech pranks on the web

Google frequently inserts jokes and hoaxes into its products on April Fools’ Day , which takes place on April 1. Google’s first April Fools’ Day hoax, the MentalPlex hoax, invited users to project a mental image of what they wanted to find whilst staring at an animated GIF. An additional error message was included which converted all navigation text to German, but was scrapped after user complaints.

Google touts the benefits of this cost-effective and efficient means of ranking pages and reassures readers that there is no animal cruelty involved in the process. The article makes many humorous references and puns based on computer terminology and how Google PageRank really works, for example, a chart showing the pigeons’ consumption of seed and flaxle, represented as the “Linflax Kernel,” a pun on the Linux kernel. Fictitious job opportunities for a research center on the moon.

April Fools’ Day — the day when there’s nobody you can trust and the internet is a The dating app launched a faux “height verification” tool to allow users to add In one of several April Fools’ Day pranks, Google added the.

April Fools’ Day is Easter Sunday, and if you’re looking to make an April fool out of your BAE, these creative April Fools’ Day pranks to play on your significant other will help you both find the funny. While April Fools’ Day has been around for centuries, its actual origins are still a mystery, according to History.

However, there are a few theories about how Apr. If you want to make your beloved a gowk, try these April Fools’ Day pranks to play on your significant other. If your BAE uses Sundays to get a little work done, you can replace a common word in their Microsoft Word or Google docs with an autocorrect for any word you choose for an epic April Fools’ Day prank. This also works on a phone. Then just sit back and watch hilarity ensue as they try to stop “hey” from autocorrecting to “WTF.

Before your significant other hops into the shower Sunday morning, pull the ultimate April Fools’ Day prank. Take a bar of soap and paint it with clear nail polish, which will basically render the soap useless. Try to control your laughter as your BAE tries to get some suds from the slippery bar of sabotaged soap.

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