US883868A – Microscope. – Google Patents

US883868A – Microscope. – Google Patents

Nothing ages as elegantly as an antique microscope. A bridge to an age when craftsmanship was as important as functionality, a vintage microscope is a work of art as well as science. In the late 16th century several Dutch lens makers designed devices that magnified objects, but in Galileo Galilei perfected the first device known as a microscope. His invention, a compound microscope, had a convex and a concave lens. Later that century, Anton van Leeuwenhoek refined the microscope for biological research. These first fledgling microscopes were generally built and used by a scientist. They can only be found in museums and are not available to the average antique microscope collector. Usually made of brass, the first microscopes were monocular instruments with simple lenses. For further history reading feel free to follow our link on the History of the Microscope. The German lens maker, Carl Zeiss, excelled at crafting precision lenses and began manufacturing microscopes in


Arising from the foot is a short pillar, to which the main body of the microscope is attached via a compass joint. Atop the microscope is a standard 22 mm diameter ocular which fits into the chrome-plated graduated draw-tube. Coarse focus is by diagonal rack and pinion a Swift innovation. There is a patented adjustment for pressure of the outer fitting against the bearings of the coarse adjustment, which is adjusted by a silver-colored knob.

The fine focus, adjusted by a silvered knob, has two patents as noted below. The smaller diameter knob allows a quick motion to the fine focus and the larger knob a slower one.

ANTIQUE SPENCER BRASS MICROSCOPE COLLEGE OF PSYSICIANS SURGEONS leitz lens | eBay Medical Laboratory,. More information.

The historical microscope collection housed in the Moody Medical Library is considered one of the major collections of its type owned by an academic institution in the United States. The collection consists of representative samples documenting the development of microscopy from the 18th through the first quarter of the 20th century.

The work of more than 30 individual makers or firms is included. The microscope collection dates from , when the Library acquired 33 microscopes from Dr. John Bunyan with a grant from the Moody Foundation of Galveston. Bunyan provided additional instruments as well as partial cataloging for the collection in subsequent years.

Of the 82 instruments, 60 percent are associated with him. The remaining consists of microscopes from the Departments of Anatomy and Pathology, gifts from former faculty and friends of the University, and a purchase of replica microscopes. View more. Blocker, Jr.

Vintage 1940’s American Optical Spencer Microscope with Wood Case

In this section are grouped some of the most significant stereo microscopes dating from the beginning of the twentieth century to about One could think these old models as average quality with respect to modern ones. This is quite surprising if we consider their ancestral shapes making them appearing obsolete nowadays.

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Microscope dating

DeVeer et al. PM Apr. Spencer: William Australia C.

The serial number indicates a date of The Spencer Lens Co. boasted in that the No. 44 was “the most popular of all Spencer Microscopes.

Values for A 19th century lacquered brass binocular microscope by Henry Crouch of London with circular mechanical stage and various spare lenses and accessories in to appraise similar items instantly without sending photos or descriptions. Values for A Culpeper type brass microscope, late 18th century, engraved ‘Bithray Royal Exchange, London’, with a frieze drawer to the mahogany base, containing bone to appraise similar items instantly without sending photos or descriptions.

Values for Brass Raspail-type Microscope, France, retailed by Paul Roessler, New Haven, third quarter 19th century, the mahogany box with drawer supports a brass to appraise similar items instantly without sending photos or descriptions. Values for Brass Naturalist’s Microscope, 18th century, the original shagreen case with center mount for the pillar, eyepiece arm with 3-way adjustment and removable to appraise similar items instantly without sending photos or descriptions.

Values for A lacquered brass binocular microscope by J. Steward, 19th century, with rack and pinion focusing and fine focus adjustment over a rotating stage, double to appraise similar items instantly without sending photos or descriptions.

US1505418A – Microscope substage – Google Patents

Long-term functional imaging of an entire Drosophila embryo, captured using light-sheet microscopy. The slabs resemble book-sized blocks of ice, standing as if on a library shelf. In biological microscopy, he says, researchers can either look at big samples at low resolution, or small samples at high resolution. These instruments can capture cellular and even subcellular processes across samples that can exceed one centimetre in size. The resulting data sets provide an unprecedented perspective.

Biological microscopy is all about compromise.

To secure this result I divide the barrel of the microscope into a plurality of Large magnification in-compound microscopes by use of lenses of low magnifying Publication number Priority date Publication date Assignee Title Spencer et al.

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Scanning electron microscopic studies of the trabecular meshwork are presented and discussed which suggest that the trabecular endothelium is distinctly different from the corneal endothelium. The trabecular endothelial cells appear to be larger, with less prominent cell borders, and to have a thinner basement membrane than the corneal endothelial cells. The transition between the two types of endothelium takes place at the anterior border of a smooth zone Zone S which is located immediately anterior to Schwalbe’s ring.

stereo microscopes dating from the beginning of the twentieth century to about including some now disappeared, such as Spencer, Graf Apsco, OPL etc​.

I o Rybickr et al. Sussman, Amherst’ Robert B. Pnmary Exammer-John K. Spencer; William l C. Nealon; Bernard L. Sweeney [73] Assignee: American Optical Corporation,. Southbridge, Mass. The series of condensers being of such a design that [52] US.

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